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Whether you're handling a small or mid-sized business, do it with ease with our completely optimized platform, cutting through the red tape to manage payments.

Maverick Dashboard

Manage all aspects of your payments from our comprehensive Dashboard.

The best-in-class Maverick Dashboard gives merchants the power to manage every part of their payments system including analyzing sales data and customer trends, handling chargebacks and fraud protection, PCI Compliance, and technical support.

The dashboard also enables you to add users, control notification settings, perform customer service tasks and more.

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Maverick has curated the best point-of-sale systems designed to help you optimize your business. Craft the best payment experience for your customers whether you are a quick-serve franchise, a main street boutique, or a multi-store regional supermarket.

From traditional cash registers to handheld terminals, near field/touch pay and mobile POS integrations, we have everything you need to ensure you have access to the best equipment at an affordable price.

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Payment Gateway

We built our own gateway to optimize the experience and meet the unique needs of your business. A custom gateway means more advanced capabilities and robust payment solutions for your business, regardless of size.

Enjoy easier chargeback management, hosted forms, and increased productivity. Create paths of infinite possibility for growth and efficiency.

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Accept ACH Payments

ACH payment processing allows your business to accept payments efficiently. With eCheck acceptance, you can eliminate the cost of processing paper checks, lower your processing costs vs. other payment methods, and accept funds directly.


Security is always our highest priority. As a direct third-party sender, we perform all ACH related payment processing operations in-house, including risk management and compliance.


We provide merchants various payment acceptance methods, fraud prevention, actionable data, and reporting all backed by our seasoned team of experts.

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Minimized risks and security at the core

The high-risk space has its own complexity and we understand it well. That is why we provide custom solutions and comprehensive risk mitigation in one elegant package made for your business.

Actionable fraud tools

We built a reliable fraud prevention and detection system designed to identify all potential issues. Better understand why fraud occurs and where it comes from to mitigate it from continuing to happen.

Additionally, our negative chargeback database, BIN data, fraud analysis and report, and other tools make it easy for any type of user to comprehend this valuable data.

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Chargeback management. All in one place.

At Maverick, we're always looking for ways to save our merchants time and money. At our core, we're a payment processing company with the heart of a tech startup. We took the chargeback process and made it infinitely easier to manage.

Instead of receiving chargeback notices in the mail, often days after any real action can be taken, you can now manage and fight chargebacks from your dashboard.

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"These guys are great to work with. Extremely responsive and quick to answer and handle any questions or concerns that come up. Great rates and easy to contact!"

Brian W.
Owner of O Vape

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics designed to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our client dashboard will show you detailed insights into how to retain and reward your best customers.

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Reduce your processing fees

Business owners know the importance of making every element of their business work smarter. Our compliance-driven surcharging programs allow merchants to save significantly on transaction fees while providing the opportunity of choice for customers.


While there has been a lot of debate about surcharging, if properly implemented, it is a method for businesses to save money on their processing fees.

Low-cost card processing is crucial for some businesses, so is advocating on behalf of merchants so they can freely operate within their respective markets. The state of surcharges is frequently changing and we work to stay ahead of the curve, providing merchants with industry-advancing products and services revolving around compliance.

When done properly, surcharging can save businesses upwards of 95%, or even more, which can equate to thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, in savings.

Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing technology provides merchants the ability to offer the advertised price at the time of sale via their POS device while the merchant can elect to offer their customers a discounted cash price.

The customer experience is enhanced, as the advertised price and price on the receipt match and remove confusion for the customer.

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Get paid quickly

By offering same-day and next-day funding, you get paid fast.

Other processors can take forever. Our quick funding means money in your pocket faster!

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