The “new”
Maverick has arrived.

The electronic payments world is changing quickly, and we are happy to be part of it.
With a commitment to support our merchants and partners with industry-leading technology and solutions, Maverick is excited for the next phase of the payments space.

All-in-one platform

After 20 years, we figured an update was needed. The new Maverick is focused around utilizing our years of experience in the payments space while offering up-to-date technology and an all-in-one platform.

With financial technology driving the payments industry, our investment in developing proprietary technology is to provide more frictionless payments in the most secure way possible.

Our dashboard, multiple sponsor banks, payment gateway, and regulatory tools supported by our seasoned team provide both merchants and partners with expert level support and an unsurpassed payment experience.

Our in-house underwriting and risk means the same quick turnaround, our in-house customer service means the same white-glove support, and our nimble approach still means our aggressive commitment to get things done – the most exciting element is now our technology with our merchants and partners in mind.


Chargeback management

Intuitive merchant management

Industry-leading reporting

Fraud prevention

Tools to scale

Value-add analytics

Coming soon

We are enhancing our website to provide a better user experience of our technology and payment solutions. We are excited to work with you, and our “upgrade” to the technology world of payments isn’t slowing us down – contact us today for more information.
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