Maverick Dashboard

The most powerful toolset in the industry for all your payment needs.


Transparent end-to-end reporting tools enable you to fully reconcile every transaction from authorization through settlement and fees, and even on to refunds and chargebacks. Now you know where your money is at all times.

Reporting tools let you get the data you need now without endless scrolling through lengthy reports. Powerful filtering such as by terminal, card number, card type, and more enables drilling down your search and easily exporting your search results.

Export your data to easily interface with popular 3rd party systems like Quickbooks, SalesForce, and more.

Chargeback and Fraud prevention tools

Manage chargebacks efficiently and digitally. We keep you updated on each item at all times and give you powerful tools to respond online quickly. Reduce your losses and beat the clock while protecting your rights to keep your money.

Don’t let the fraudsters win! Powerful fraud protection tools are provided at no additional cost that let you manage AVS, CVV and other settings to mitigate external threats as they develop.

Proprietary gateway

Our gateway includes a Virtual Terminal and Hosted Forms that enable you take payments on the fly. Now you can do business anywhere, anytime!

Accept Card and ACH payments face-to-face, over the phone, and through email with no coding required. In addition, create a hosted payment form that can easily be injected into your website or online invoice to complete payments for your orders. Add your business logo to hosted payment forms to extend your brand wherever your customer goes.

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"These guys are great to work with. Extremely responsive and quick to answer and handle any questions or concerns that come up. Great rates and easy to contact!"

Robert, Phoenix, AZ

"It is refreshing to be able to work with a team that takes pride in their work and their jobs and is willing to see something through until resolution and not just “pass” it off. You guys run a GREAT operation over there and we are happy to be partnered with such an amazing team!"

Caroline, Miami, FL

"Your team cares about my success."

Marcus, Rochester, NY

"The biggest time-saver. My portfolio has grown by leaps and bounds."

Aaron, Arlington, TX

"Futuristic tech with personal service. There's nobody better than Maverick."

Sara, Chicago, IL

“Top credit card processor. Easy application process and fast approval. Amazing customer service and state-of-the-art dashboard. You can't go wrong with Maverick. I highly recommend it!”

Jakub, San Diego, CA

Bizlitix provides key market insights.

Get the latest analytics about your business, your customers, and the competitive marketplace. Our proprietary tools give you key information that empowers you to position your business for growth and ongoing success.

Empower your staff with user account tools.

Create configurable user accounts for your staff that will extend the power of the Maverick Dashboard throughout your organization. Customizable user controls let you define roles, access levels, and capabilities at the role and individual-user level for tasks such as sales, customer service, returns and adjustments, shipping and order fulfillment, accounting and reconciliation, and technical support.

Support Tickets

Help is just a mouse-click away with our Support Ticket system. Create requests within the Dashboard that are directly routed to the correct team for follow-up. Add related documents like screenshots and authorization forms with ease. Track your current and past support tickets, see ticket replies, and respond to requests without leaving the Dashboard.

Developer friendly

API documentation for both partner and merchant integration to our DASHBOARD. View our documentation by clicking below.

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