Actionable analytics and reporting

Easy enough to understand yet comprehensive enough to illustrate essential elements of your business.

Reporting designed for growth

Our systems are simplified whether you are a small business at one location or a multi-location enterprise level business. Analytics engineered to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Our dashboard will show you detailed insights into your payment processing, but it doesn’t stop there – additional data on your customers, trends, competitors, and industry benchmarks.

Insight into the full payment lifecycle

Authorization Reporting

Authorization reporting will reflect all authorizations including the truncated card number, amount, timestamp, and more – plus, easily filter by searching certain items or filtering by card brand or type.

Batch Reporting

Batch reporting displays captured sales and will assist with reconciliation and show details on each batch, including sales and refunds plus filtering options.

Payout Reporting

Simple and transparent, our payout report communicates an easy-to-read breakdown of your account activity related to your payment processing.

Chargeback Management

Chargebacks occur when a customer initiates a dispute with their card-issuing bank. As a result, previously deposited funds are withdrawn and returned to the customers account. We provide built-in chargeback management tools to help you fight back and dispute.


Our systems include statements available inside your dashboard to break down monthly costs associated with card processing.


Our reserve reporting displays any money set aside as a reserve by the acquirer and will display amounts from your batch totals.

Fraud Analysis

Receive up-to-date historical transactional data that is tailored toward risk analysis. We use a negative database as well as stat breakdowns for approvals and declines to enable better analyze and adjust to eliminate future risk or monetary losses.

ACH Rejects

Any billing issues are displayed to resolve quickly and prevent any interruptions in processing.

Other Reports

Additional to the above, we offer a section of canned reports useful for running a business such as 1099k Reporting.

Bizlitix™. Business analytics to power your business

Card analytics

With payment-driven data, you can understand trends regarding your card processing (i.e. revenue).

Site analytics

Learn how website traffic and visitors correlates with certain aspects of your business.

Page speed insights

Optimize your website’s speed to help organically rank higher and increase sales.

Keyword research

Simply search potential keywords to learn marketing opportunity they may bring your business.

Competitor analytics

Review your competitors and what their marketing approach is with keywords, budgets, and more with insight into their paid campaigns.

Reputation management

Manage your reviews from platforms such as Yelp and Facebook.


Track user activity on your website to better engage where users are actively going (and where they aren’t).

Market intelligence

Understand customer demographics and industry benchmarks all driven by actual data through spend-driven, issuer-to-market tracking.

Product analytics

See which products sell the most (and which don’t) to better optimize sales strategy.

Local competition

Search and map local competition in your area.

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