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High-risk solutions designed for your business

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

A business can be considered high-risk for countless reasons. Our in-house underwriting team will simplify your business accepting payments.

Advanced fraud tools make accepting online payments simple and secure. The dashboard provides comprehensive reporting and advanced fraud tools.

One thing all high-risk businesses have in common is an increased need for sharing supporting documents to ensure full compliance.

High-risk merchant accounts can vary due to industry specific requirements. Maverick conducts enhanced due diligence to ensure compliance and ease of use for all merchants.

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Some types of high-risk businesses include

  • Electronic cigarettes & vape
  • Nutraceuticals & health supplements
  • Firearms & ammo
  • Tobacco & paraphernalia
  • Direct response
  • Coaching & seminars
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Subscription & continuity
  • Travel-related services
  • Airlines & cruise lines
  • Lenders
  • Dating
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